The Truth, The Hype, And How Polar Geology Reveals The Difference

This project and is focused on popular science and examines the geologic record for the role of carbon dioxide in driving climate change. The focus is on polar regions where the largest changes occurred, going from alligators to ice sheets in response to a drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from those expected by the end of this century (alligators) to what we had in the preindustrial era (ice sheets).

Bluie West One

A novel. I am collaborating with my father, historian Dr. Allan Carlson, on this fictional book. It will deal with Greenland, Vikings, Nazis, U.S. Korean War secret bases, and you'll have to read it to figure out how all that fits together!


A look through my tumultuous life in academia. The causes and response to change. More to come, including a title!